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Really good game! I got addicted but when I first started playing I played without a tutorial so I put down the game for a little while and noticed that the damn tutorial is on the options so could you make the tutorial more noticeable because I only noticed when I knew how to play.


Thank you!

You might've just turned the tutorial off accidentally because the tutorial is on by default.

Oh... now I look like an idiot but thanks for replying!

Two small bugs I've noticed:

  • You can bind one keys to the multiple commands but only one will work.
  • If you kill two of those lunge goblins at the same time that are one tile apart from from each other while you also have the revenant amulet equipped, their sprite and minimap dot will be left in the middle, which you'll be able to walk through.

Nice game, looking forward to next versions. A little more variety in room patterns and hazards would be nice ;)

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Fantastic game! One quality-of-life request: if I've got a movement key held down, stop me automatically when a new enemy comes into view. It would make a big difference, especially with the short view distance in hallways and how important a single move can be.

Edit: Something else I just realized...the red "focusing" aura appears a bit later on the enemies than I'd like. More than once I've been in a hallway and an enemy appears, I see where they're at (or on the way to), then I hit my movement key, and THEN the red aura appears. If there's any way to make it show up sooner, maybe while they're in motion to their destination square, I think readability would be improved. This *may* be specific to enemies just coming into view. I'll try to pay attention and see if that's the case.


Great game! 

  • I disagree with other comments about respawn rate--it's perfect. Creates a challenge that balances waiting for a cool-down.
  • I didn't know when I'd encountered a "legendary" item or enchantment, and found it difficult, all the way through the game, to know whether swapping out a particular piece of gear was a good idea, or trying for a different enchantment was a good idea. This might be fine... a bit of mystery may be your intention, but I still don't understand "Legendary" loot vs. regular loot, how it works, or how I'd know to stick with a particular piece of gear and keep upgrading it or not.
  • Endless mode? Go further? I defeated Level 25 the third time I played (because I was neurotic and lucky, not skilled) and... all my lovely gear is gone? I wanted to keep updating and encountering new challenges! :-)

Legendary pieces always have a purple/red name and a colored outline around the piece itself. They often match the effect of a non-legendary piece, but are either stronger or have added effects. You also can't upgrade them at anvils.

I think part of the joy (for me) is changing loot half-way through a run to better fit what's coming at me. You get a lot of the material you spent upgrading back, so it is sometimes advantageous to change! 


Thanks... There's a few different colors used in item descriptions, and I haven't quite figured out which color is which.

Yes, the gear evaluation is a fun part of the game--it's really fun to realize, "OH, this will do X to my attack, and since this other piece of gear grants me an attack when Y happens, these two pieces of gear result in..."

This all leads me to want to maximize more and more, further and further...


Slight correction: Every item has a base version and a legendary version! It took me a while to realize that, too, then I later saw that it's stated explicitly in the last bullet point of the game features list. 

There are also golden anvils that will turn a base item into its legendary version. I don't know if anything causes them to appear, or if they're just random. I've only seen one so far out of 25 runs.

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Just managed my first victory. It's a very fun, polished game. The item variety is pretty wide and their effects are well thought out in my experience. Just about all the items I've tried to seriously use have wound up being useful. Judging from my own play it probably takes about 10-15 full length games to encounter all the normal quality loot.

What are the differences between each difficulty level?

A few suggestions:

  • The tiles targeted by focusing enemies should be marked by some kind of indicator as well. Maybe an arrow for line abilities and red outlines for everything else?
  • Game keywords in item description should bring up tooltips when hovered over.
  • Make the equipment set used and most recent game viewable on the high scores menu.
  • It should be made clear to the player during the tutorial that there's no reason to specifically destroy set pieces (vases, shelves, racks, etc).

One note:

My one real gripe is that the way the turn sequence works makes it very difficult to get enemies to damage each other with their focus abilities without ability use of your own, nearly impossible for enemies to damage each other with their normal abilities and thanks to the fairly optimal enemy movement, it's difficult to bait them into environmental obstacles or even target in a line. This isn't strictly a complaint, especially for an indie game in such a polished state but this makes the fighting a lot more bluntly methodical then it could be otherwise.

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Regarding your last point. I've noticed the same thing, but it makes it even more satisfying when you manage to pull it off. For instance, I had a Frost Staff run where I was consistently able to kill exploding cubes with the cold projectile, causing any adjacent enemies to be rooted and get hit by the death blast.

You did mention player abilities so I'm sure this isn't anything new to you. But when it was new to me, it felt really good having discovered it!


Very fun! Played one run so far; got to floor 10. I agree with a previous reviewer that the respawn rate seems really high. However, after changing my strategy to just immediately go down a floor when I saw a staircase, this was less of an issue. I tend to like to clear floors, but it seems like this game wasn't designed for that.

The controller support is great! I do wish it had Playstation button labels, but it's not a huge deal.

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Does playing on Hard give a score boost to compensate for the added difficulty, if not how about a separate leaderboard per difficulty?

Yes it does.

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Very fun game. However, after playing for 15+ hours through numerous runs with many different kinds of builds and beating it once, here is my opinion of the game.

-Respawning enemies should be brought down a notch. I feel I have been cheated many times because I happen to maneuver backwards during a fight, only to find 2 enemies respawned in the shadows ready to ambush me. Running away only magnifies swarms. This leads to easy death no matter the gear. (even monk build struggles with this which I'll mention later)

-Melee weapons need a buff? Staff main abilities are just too good. Would I rather have a melee attack/ability that leads to trading blows or being able to shoot a good damage fireball from across the room? The latter is an obvious choice every time.

-Waiting is broken. As an extension of the last comment, waiting can totally just cancel almost any drawbacks staff abilities are balanced around, that being cooldowns and mana consumption. After every confrontation, waiting can basically recover full mana and all cooldowns, so even powerful crown abilities like judgement or blizzard can be used more times than intended considering their long cooldowns.

-Cold slows movement down to 1 tile every 2 turns instead? Being basically perma-paralyzed from those zombies or cold enemies can be really punishing, but this is a moot for me.

-Nerf monk ability? This is basically the best build in the game. Not only does it deal good damage, it also can add 30-40% damage bonus from hitting enemies into the wall. Paired up with its "quick" attack ability, you can deal some serious damage in the span of "1 turn." I abused this ability by running into a corner and luring enemies into a wall-lock for almost every enemy I encountered, including boss. This is how I beat the game. I love this build but its so dang powerful!

These are just my takes. I'm just a dude who played this game so don't let this be any discredit to this amazing work. Other than that, it gets really tense and requires a lot of strategies down the line of the levels. The usage of spacing and positioning is super cool. This is a really great game!

Regarding melee weapons needing a buff...I've found spears to be pretty amazing. Reach is already powerful just from the obvious extra hit while the enemy approaches, and it combos really well with lots of abilities. Anything that creates space between you and the enemy can give you a free attack every turn, and Alacrity from the Renegade Helm can do the same.

My only win is with the Monk amulet, so no disagreement there! I've tried to build around fighting multiple adjacent enemies with axe weapons, but I haven't made it work yet. I feel like good builds for that exist, and I just need to find them.

Hammers seem like they've got some tactical potential that I need to explore better. Swords and daggers, though, I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for good builds there.

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if you create the two i will want this is the best roughlike if i played dominaxis you can put you game in steam i know.the best game I played

Love this game so far! 

I just have 5 suggestions (or ideas (depending if they are possible i don't know)) :

- maybe a beastiary like the item log, for more run rewards

-maybe some kind of mini bosses with a room for them and their own mob mechanics (they couldn't spawn outside of their room)

-possibly "level clearing" so you don't get swarmed when going back in explored areas

-adding an "difficulty" achievement or some kind of other achievements for example clearing a difficulty, getting all items ect...

-maybe some kind of run "scaling" by getting semi-permanent upgrades when you die that you can buy with a currency that you collect and these upgrades would be cleared away when you kill the final boss

Love your game and looking forward for new updates (btw if the game is updated fo you lose the item collection?)

You don't lose the item collection if you update the game.

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Ok thanks ^^


Hei, I like this kind of game. At the beginning, we have to adapt to its control and weapons/spells usage. But it went really fun! Haha thanks! I made gameplay on youtube.


This game has very quickly become one of my favorites. I would love to see a bestiary of enemies defeated or encountered possibly as a future inclusion. Absolutely wonderful game. 

I'm honestly considering looking into creating a handful of mods for it I love it so much.

Likewise - I think an item(spell?) book and a bestiary would make a great addition

Ah and now I see the loot log. :)

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This has become one of my favorite roguelikes.

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a great game!!

one suggestion: please add a click to move with the mouse and attacking too, with some sort of pathfinding, i prefer to play roguelikes this way

one more suggestion:

add a tooltip info when i hover the skils in the skillbar with the mouse, i always forget what things do


I'm having a blast with this so far! I'm a big RL fan, and to me this plays like a combination of Brogue and Crown Trick, and I mean that as high praise :)

This is an impresseive solo development effort. You've really got some talent. Keep it up!

Thank you!

Also if you could make a command to wait a turn with out moving I think that would add a nice layer of tactical play. 

There's already a wait turn command. It's "W" by default but you can remap it.


Thank you bud sorry I'm a noob. Really loving your game btw, great job man. 

OMG!! I've been playing for a few days and really wanted a wait command. I had no idea there was already one there! This totally changes my strategies! Thank you!

Bug: The Ghost Walk boots don't work. Says move into the first unoccupied space but when you use it says target an occupied space. No matter how I try I cant seem to use them. Other than that the game is amazing, can't wait for an android version. Great job brother.  

It's not a bug. If you target an unoccupied space that means the first unoccupied space is just that space, so it's equivalent to just walking one step normally. Try casting it on an object like a pot to see how it works.

Should poison stack from different abilities? It seems like the 2nd application gets ignored currently

It doesn't stack. Only the stronger poison is kept.

Burning works the same way?

Bug report:
When using an anvil, if I select an item to enchant then change my mind and hit the cross to exit the anvil, the anvil disappears as though it were used but I lose the opportunity to enchant anything

It's not a bug. Once you've selected an item and seen the potential enchantment, you can't take back your choice anymore. You can either accept the new enchantment or keep your old enchantment. Closing to exit is equivalent to keeping your old enchantment.

This is a really sweet game! Is there any plan to add mouse support for movement and attacking as well?

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Liking the game so far! The simple controls make this look like a gateway to for people to get into roguelikes. Looking forward to more updates.

I'd like to ask though, if the player can use their own custom sprites, maybe an in-game option or mod it in. If not now, then is it a feature players might see in the future?

You can rename the .love file to .zip and extract the game source directly. From there you can modify the code, sprites, and sound as much as you like. You'd have to install the LOVE2D game engine before you can run it though.

Any plans to bring the game to Steam?

None at the moment.


Okay, thanks, I am loving the game, it's sooooo good. Thank you!


Now I can turn off SEGA and put "Fatal Labyrinth" game on the shelf :)


Looks very very interesting, I think that you should create a Facebook page for the game.

Brilliant game. I'm sure this is a silly question for a primarily non-commercial indie product, but any chance for an android port? Not having a big complicated inventory, among other design decisions, makes this look like it would be very at home there.

It's already in the works!



awesome game, took a few tries to figure out the enemies and what they do. Going to attempt to beat Master now.

I think that once enemies once killed should not respawn, because this greatly limits the ability to "run away". you can't leave the room you are in, if not you get swamped by enemies that respawn in the previous rooms.

There are early times when i save the fire/explosion/poison barrels in the other rooms for just in case when i have to run back to use them, but i get swamped by respawned enemies when i backtrack too far.

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This is a very fun game , I really enjoyed it ! , This video is my very first playthrough and it went to this game , I will play it again for sure ! :)


such an incredibly fun experience, I love everything about it! the art, the gameplay, the sounds! I just couldn't stop playing! I really do hope the developers keep working on this, so far I've only reach floor 7 so I don't know if there are any bosses in the game or not. If not then I'd LOVE it if they'd add in one. 5/5


Very cool game! I like it a lot so far.


Already died 5 times on normal mode, but MAN is this addicting! I love how you can use the environment and enemy AoE attacks to your advantage. Good job on this little gem :)


Wonderful game, thanks for making it!


I love it! This is the sorta' dungeon crawler experience I live for. Small but with a lot of depth and thought. Nicely done.


So I didn't expect to be this good but dank it is.

Almost all the object can be interacted with which is amazing. You can use the environmental hazards to damage the enemies or even make them hit each other. You can dodge projectiles. The skills are awesome and diverse. Basically you can play this game with any way you want. You can even just run around the dungeon avoiding the enemies until you find a way to defeat them. It has all set for a good rpg which can be played by all kinds of peoples. 


This RPG is very good! This game is in my Top 5 of this week!

Check my video. Subscribe my YouTube Channel if you like it!

Fantastic game, only gripe is breaking containers. No everything takes so long and most of the time they are hardly worth while. Mana regens way to fast, and HP doesn't regen at all. Health orbs are few and far between and when you do get them they don't even heal you for 1 attack against you. Bigger ones heal more, but are even more rare.

Post instructions for .love file, nobody knows what that is. I ultimately just ran the .exe with win and worked perfect.

Outside of those, this is a fantastic game. Will be buying it for sure.


Health totally does regenerate if you have suitable gear. Just slowly. Watch your bonuses. And a .love file is made for Love 2D. As for monster attacks sapping your health? That's kind of the point. Running away is an option, you know. If you don't let them corner you, anyway. Which they will try to do. Try playing on Easy.

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