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Labyrinth of Legendary Loot is a simple turn-based roguelike dungeon crawler focused on tactical combat. Every room is almost like a puzzle as you try to figure out the best way to defeat all enemies without taking too much damage.

You play as an adventurer entering the Labyrinth with nothing but a dull sword. Worry not! Each loot you find will grant you a unique ability that will help you slay monsters and find even more loot! 

Descend to the deepest level of the Labyrinth and defeat the evil hideous demon lord to win!


  • You are what you wear - Your abilities are based entirely on the items you have equipped. No levels, no experience, no grinding. You can choose to be an axe-wielding berserker, a spell-obsessed wizard, or anything in between! You can even change your mind and switch in the middle of the run.
  • Quick sessions - Each playthrough only lasts about an hour or two. Way shorter if you die early!
  • Simple, streamlined mechanics - There are only 3 basic stats: your health, mana, and your attack damage. Attacks don't miss and enemy patterns are predictable.
  • High replayability - Over a hundred unique items and abilities, over fifty modifiers for each item, and a unique legendary modifier for every item. This combined with randomly generated dungeons ensures that no two playthroughs are alike!


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to many files and I cant find the game (Linux)

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The files say that the game does not exist and won’t let me start it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I come back to this game every couple of months, still awesome. I come back here to check for updates and always hope there is announcement for an iOS release or new content! Thanks again for creating such a fantastic game.

Unfortunately there are no plans for an iOS release.

game is really good! thanks for this great game! but i wonder, where the game's save file?

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If you're on windows, it's on "C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\Labyrinth of Legendary Loot" 

tysm <3

the game came up when I added game pad support and I found it on the play store and hoped it would work. But it does not

Gamepad support is only for the PC version.

Are there any plans to add gamepad support to the android version?

Unfortunately there are no plans to add gamepad support to the android version.


Great game.



Here's the wiki page I made for this wonderful game! Feel free to add to it!

Really fun game

Absolutely love this game, it's perfect in so many ways. Hoping this game gets more updates down the line but doesn't change the formula too much.

I still haven't been able to win, managed to get to floor 16 multiple times but can't get any further. Does anyone have any tips? I try to build my character to include aoe, single-target damage, some heals, some mana regen but overall just not getting there. Should I try avoid exploring every room? What's some top tips?

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Once you find gear you like, avoid exploring every room and just find the stairs. Also, don't get cornered as it is an easy way to end a run! Also learn the attack and movement patterns of all the enemies. Give all of the types different names to help you remember what they do. And you do find extra gear, just salvage it unless it's a better version of something your have for gear. Let me know if this helped!

Note: spears are the most op weapons in the game in my opinion because of reach, which allows you to attack from 2 squares away

Also, try to make ability combos. Ex: throw a spear and then pull them with Singularity, making the enemy take damage from the spear and Singularity at the same time. Or, Meteor Strike and Blizzard. You decide the combo.


Thanks for your response, some really good tips! Shorty after posting I actually did manage to win (twice) both were melee, one was more focused on health regen while other just pure health. I had some really nice max damage combos so was hitting over 100 which is awesome. I've only done swords/axe/mace builds but after your spear review I might try that next! Thanks again

You're welcome Borgling for the tips! If you have any more questions, just let me know.


Finally completed the game! All classes on Master, 100% loot log... "Impossible" has some element of luck, unlike easier difficulty modes which only require skills to be winnable... However, it IS actually possible! Excellent game!


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Very cool game, i love it with the item based progression. My first run did a bit well (i think) and i was surprised how many different enemies occur in this game.

My Score:

Gratefully radiant.

do you know how to get it working in the itch app?


Finally I am the Star Eater! Fantastically Underrated game


mac build does not work

Did you install the LOVE2D engine? Get it from here:


how do you open the love download

Install the LOVE2D engine: 


Then open the file with it.


And here I was thinking i was going to be productive this week, instead I ended playing this for just an insane amount of time 


Woa woa woa you got featured by Retromation!
Looking forward to new updates!

Ever gana go back to orrias

Hey! I really am loving this game and also got my roommate hooked on it, but we noticed that Wanderer of the Infinite has a typo in the tooltip! Regardless, I'm gonna keep recommending this to everyone i know who likes roguelikes.

just curious, are you still planning to update this? I have some ideas, if you want to hear them

Took some work to beat this. I really like how once you finsh the game on Hard mode then...%%$%&$%&#... ERROR


congrats on getting featured in a major video! I played this a while ago but it's good to see you are finally getting more recognition.


Why when I search by android is this here? Can I use joiplay for this or?


Click the "Get in on Google Play" button below the "Also Available On" Section for the android version.


Ah yes I'm just blind but why is a dollar on the app store but free on here?


It is not free on android.


yeah that's what I said. Why though? 


it's name your own price on itch.io. Google Play doesn't support that feature so he set it to a roughly appropriate amount for a mobile port.

hey this game isnt working for me. i load it up, and while the sound turns on, the screen is blank. any help is appreciated

What OS/platform were you using?

windows and i tried the love download too

Absolutely amazing game with lots of potential! One tip: dont get used to the asset-pack you used for the chars and stuff, people have seen it too much, better invest a bit into own artwork and this is gonna blow up 

Very slick classic game with a handful of really unique mechanics and generous pricing. Here's hoping the Retronation picks up a few copies so you can continue to work on this.


i win on normal, good game

This is a great game! I reckon you could sell this on steam for atleast $5-$10

Also add a vsync setting! Windowed mode without vsync lags for me on windows.

Vsync is always enabled.

Yes, with Vsync enabled on windowed mode it lags on my computer.


Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically use itch.io to avoid that.

Android would be amazing

I believe it is already, check the dev log

ahh You're right, it's on Google Play though. Slightly different inventory mechanics too I hear. Thanks.

The game is fun and addicting. the artstyle and music is great. My concern is nana you either spam or run. That's all thank you.

This is a very addictive game, having a lot of fun with it. Good job!

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RNG is nice but being able to control the direction of your run a bit better would be appreciated. In this game if you want to pick your weapon (which has a huge impact on how you're going to play) you just have to restart the first level a bunch.

That said, this game IS really fun, IF you go melee. Spellcasting is the secret turbo hard mode of the game, which you'll love if you're a masochist.

You run out of mana after two spells (out of the 5 on your hotbar) and then have to either run around waiting for it to come back (monsters respawn over time so this is not a good strategy) or engage in melee combat anyway, and since you have low health, this will likely result in death pretty quickly.

How do you cancel attacks?


Holy gem of itch.io this is awesome


A couple things I love:

-> button for a glossary of terms with specific descriptions

->destructibles don't give you loot

->message clarifying destructibles don't give you loot

->weapon / ability design

->amulets change your skin

->the developer of this game

Very fond of this one. I'm curious however is a certain interaction is intentional: The legendary veteran's helmet's "weapon skill costs 50% mana" doesn't work with the monk punch. Intended?

It's intended. Monk's punch is not a weapon skill.

Pity but understandable, it'd be a very strong synergy.

i love this game very very cool game

I just spend playing for an hour or two, really nice game.

Great little gem, lots of small polish and details make it a delightful experience.

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